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I regret doing this but I would as I mentioned last night suggest you source another vehicle. I am not in a position to act as a money broker. I am interested in selling my Volvo based on a straight transfer for cash. Any intermediate payments or subjects are not acceptable to me. Thank you for your interest.
Thanks for your response and will like you to know that my client in Cotonou who booked this Volvo from me has been told by my secretary that the vehicle has been found and my client whom i told you will remitt payment has also been told about sending you the payment so i wont want all this people involved in this transaction to start feeling that am not a seroius buisness man and it was just because of my travelling to China on buisness trip was the reason i said you should help me with this. Please am really counting on you to help me with this and hope to hear back from you soonest. Stay cool with your lovely family.
Stephen: in view of the complications that are developing with this transaction I would prefer that you source another Volvo! I really do not want to handle your money and your third party transactions.
Thank you for your interest in this car and trust you will find another that will suit your buyer.
How are you and your happy family? i thank you for your swift response to my last mail to you concerning your 1989 Volvo Turbo.i want you to know that it is either a Canadian Bank Draft or Canadian Money Order i have so i want you to please accept this because this is what i use for my international payments and my shipper will be notified by my store manager that he has a Car to pick up in Canada, so i want you to accept this. I wont be around from tomorrow due to my goods which are in transit in Beijing (CHINA) so my client will issue out payment to you on my behalf but i will still be mailing you and also give you my storemanager's number in UK (+447040112488).you can call him for any questions.I also want you to do me a favour since the Money Order or Bank Draft i am sending you can be cashed in the Canada and my shipper is in Netherland and i have to make part payments to him before he comes for the pickup from you so i will be sending you a Payment of $8,500 which $3,500 will be 60% for the initial amount of the car you have and the remaining $5,000 will be sent to my shipper as his part payment for his shipping expenses and the balance of $2,000 will be paid to you by my shipper before he ships the car from you.Please i beg you to help me with this because i am away for now and i promise a very good interpersonal buisness relationship as this one works out.I beleive you can't do away with my money because i dont want to beleive that you can, ok. thanks and stay well with your family.

Stephen Williams.
Stephen: I have no idea how to arrange for export of a car from Canada, nor do I have the time to investigate or arrange such a shipment. I have never heard of Cotonou. If you are interested I would love to have you purchase the car but I am afraid you will have to make your own arrangements for shipment.
Keep me posted!!
Hello <advertiser's name>,
How are you again? i thank you for your swift response to my mail and will like you to know that the car was booked by a client of mine in West Africa and will like it to be shipped to him there but i will like to know how much you will be able to help me ship this car to West Africa so that i can add it to the paynent that will be sent to you after my Mechanic must have come to your location to verify every condition of the car and is ready for shipment. so i want you to get back to me with the shipement fee to Cotonou port in  Benin Republic, West Africa. Please i will like to hear from you soonest so i can make arrangement with my client to send you the payment for the car and the shipment.
Thanks and hope you get back to me soonest.
Hello: attached please find photo's as requested, taken Aug. 10/05. The asking price is $5,500.00 Canadian. I am not sure what taxes are required will have to check with motor vehicles, though I am sure you know the legalities of purchases for export etc. My home address is <advertiser's information>. I look forward to hearing from you or your representative

Hello <advertiser's name>

How are you? i thank you for your swift response So i want you to know that i am intrested in the car and want you to send me the picture of it if you have any with you now which is the current and also the last price you are selling.If you have concluded then you can send me your mailing address where you want the money order to be sent to with your full name and address also phone number for effective communication.Await your swift response to this mail.

Stephen Williams.

From: Stephen Williams <>
Subject: Enquiries about your 1989 Volvo
To: <advertiser's name>

Hello ,
How are you? i saw the advert of your 1989 Volvo Turbo you posted on the internet while browsing on the internet and will like to let you know that am intrested in purchasing it.I am Engineer Stephen Williams from london United Kingdom.I will like to know the last price for this car and also the recent condition it is now, so i can decide if i will purchase it.I will like to let you know that i have a mechanic who will be coming to check the conditions when payment is done, thou he is in Netherland now but will be coming as soon as the payment is made and ready for shipment.I await your urgent response on this.

Stephen Autos inc.
95 rhatimer house, wyke Estate,
E9 6HE, Hackney.