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Mystery Tour 2005 - On The Starting Grid
Tour 2005 - On The Starting Grid

Island Upate - Spring 2009

April 18, 2009

Greatings Volvophiles.

Last fall your Island Director was looking at 5 April as a possible date for our Spring Show-N-Shine at Volvo of Victoria. Alas, that date has slipped by. But I still hope the show will eventually go on.

Mystery Tour 2005 - On The Starting Grid
Volvo Club Vancouver Island Drive, October 2005.

I'm afraid all the economic turmoil which started last fall has had an effect on my work schedule with Canadian Helicopters. While I normally work out of Cambridge Bay, I have often been called to carry out other flying projects across the Arctic from the Alaska border to the east coast of Baffin Island. But the uncertain economic times have caused many of Canadian's customers to be slow in defining their airlift support requirements for 2009. This has delayed the defining of the pilot schedules for this year to the point where the end of my previous tour in Cambirdge Bay was not confirmed until two days before hand. And it wasn't until recently that my next scheduled rotation dates were confirmed. So it has been quite impossible to set a firm date for our regular spring meet.

As of today (11 April), I am now looking at having our annual Island Show-N-Shine as a Summer Shine some time in August. And hopefully, we will also have a second meet in the fall, either a Fall Colours Run or a Mystery Tour.

So in the meantime, I would encourage everyone to keep 'em rolling. There are many open meets on the Island where we can show the flag (the blue and yellow one of course). The Cowichan Mill Bay Picnic (9 Aug this year) (contact 250 246-3632) is one fine example I have attended several times in the past. 01 Jul also has open meets planned for the gorge in Victoria (contact 250 389-1802) and on Saltspring, the Saltspring Antique and Classic Car Club is also fun (contact 250 537-5206 or 537-2015). Of course, you don't really need a scheduled meet to get a couple of good looking Volvos together and just go cruising and stop at your favourite local restaurant. A full list of all island car meets is available at the check out counter at Lordco.

Cheers for now.

Bob Cuthill