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January 2020 Newsletter Now Online

The January 2020 Newsletter for members is available now. Remember, your user name and password is on your membership card. Click on View Newsletters in the column to your left.

Help Grow VCBC Membership

The VCBC directors group have initiated a membership drive and they invite all current members to join the effort. You can download and print invitation forms at VCBC MEMBERSHIP INVITATION, which also contains a membership application form. The idea is pass these invitations out, stuff them in door handles, place under windshield wipers, etc. If you do decide to place them on cars, please put the form into a ziploc bag first so that the water soluble ink doesn't mess the owners' expensive paint/wash job.

See the January 2015 newsletter for more info.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining the Volvo Club of BC, please print, fill in and mail the Membership Application Form.

If you have a vehicle for sale, watch out for this scam:

Someone contacts you expressing interest in your vehicle. You might even agree on a price. You are asked to split the cost of inspection by a firm you've never heard of. The prospective buyer wants you to send him your half of the inspection cost. Obviously not a good idea, since nothing will actually ever happen..

Upcoming Events

Updated 2020 Events page now available

See the Events page for details.

2020 Spring Drive - June 27, 28 Vancouver to Woodinville, Washington.

See the Events page for details.


Last Saturday in September. 9 to 4 at Cates Park in North Vancouver.

Technical Session

This year's technical session has yet to be decided. Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to check back here.