IMPORTANT NOTICE: VCBC has abandon the use of Google Sites for classified ads. The latest version of Google Sites does not lend itself to DIY use, so we are reverting to the way we accepted and posted ads 10 years ago. Send your ad details to Gregg Morris at grmorris<at> Gregg will screen them and then they will be posted.

Details on ad preparation may be found on our Submission Page. Dates are shown immediately following each entry. Those entries from the newsletter are shown with "NL". Due to the proliferation of spam and in consideration of our members, we have stopped entering email addresses as hyperlinks. Further, some email addresses are encrypted using the word "at" inside of parentheses (or equivalent {!t}, (+@), <+> or something obviously unrecognisable) in place of the "@" symbol. For example, may show as abc(+) If you wish to correspond with any of the advertisers using email, you will have to copy the address and replace the "(at)" with "@".

Kind regards,

VCBC Web Team

Please see our warning page about potential scams anytime you advertise on the internet!