Volvo Club of BC Classified

Instructions and Information on Submitting Ads for Posting on the Volvo Club of BC Web Site

Photos: We will accept photographs of your car or parts. These will be posted as time and space permits. All images will be linked out from the ad page and will not contain any formatting. Please send only JPEG format photos. Your photos must be limited to 200 kilobytes and no larger than 1024 by 768 pixels. We do not have the time to resize large photographs and will not use them. Photos of size 640 by 480 would be ideal, allowing for viewing on most browser windows without rescaling. Images embedded in document files will not be used. If you do not have software to resize, then please consider using an on-line service such as

Email Subject: Please use the year and model of car or description of parts for sale in the subject line. We request this for two reasons. It aids in maintaining the data as this function is completely manual. It also help get your ad through the spam filter. This is especially important for people with email addresses that are cryptic or unrecognisable (such as abc123@..). Emails with no subject or ambiguous subjects (such as subject, classified, ad or submission) may not be processed.

Text Formatting: Due to the nature of line breaks normally included with all emails, it is actually easier to prepare the text if it is sent as an attached text file in either *.txt or *.rtf format, and first removing all line breaks. Please format your text in a manner similar to existing ads. This will help eliminate unnecessary delays in posting your ad. If you have Wordpad or Notepad, simply save as a "Text Document *.txt" or "Rich Text Format *.rtf". Most of the work currently needed for posting ads is reformatting of text (removing excess line breaks). Ideally, the length of your text should be no longer than 250 to 300 characters. Do not send your text in Word ® format; it will not be accepted. Please use a text editor (Notepad or Wordpad are fine) and do not insert any extra line feeds.

Eligibility: Please note that this "Classified" section is done as a service for Club Members.

Displayed Email Addresses: If you include an email address with you submission, your email address will be entered as plain text, unless you state otherwise. We may edit the text to replace the "@" symbol with an alternate, such as << AT >> or similar. This should reduce the occurrence of spam. Your other options include having the email address entered as a clickable hyperlink OR you may also submit a gif image of your email address, maximum height 16 pixels. This gif option may further help eliminate unwanted spam. If you use an Internet Service Provider for your email, you are strongly advised to create an alias specifically for use any time you make you email publicly visible. This way, in the unlikely event that you start to receive spam through your email, you can delete that alias once you have finished advertising without affecting your main email address. For example, Telus provides this customer-accessed service for their customers at no additional charge.

Locale: It is useful to the readers to indicate your location if you are outside of the British Columbia Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver and then some) area code of 604.

Area Code: Unless stated otherwise, it is assumed that all area codes are 604, British Columbia Lower Mainland. Area code 250 is for the balance of British Columbia.

Submission Email Address: You may submit an ad via email at the email address shown at the end of this paragraph. This is a graphic image, so you must have images enabled on your browser. Due to the increased volume of unwanted email, this email address may change at any time. The email address shown is not a hyperlink, meaning you cannot simply click on it. You must type this email address manually into your email "To" field. No spaces! Please use the same email address if you wish to remove ads. Advanced users can copy the text from the "alt" field of the image, right-click and select Properties on Opera and Firefox.


Response Time: This website is maintained on a volunteer basis. Submissions should normally be processed between two days and a week. If you have made a submission and still do not see you ad within a week, please make sure that you perform a refresh of your browser to ensure that you are not just looking at your cached version. On Internet Explorer, this can be performed by "Ctrl - F5". If you still do not see your ad, feel free to "rattle the cage" and send a friendly reminder to the same submission address.

Duration of Ads: Ads will normally run until the advertiser asks for the ad to be removed or the date on the ad is older than four months. If you wish for your ad to be extended, please notify us before the expiry date and we will gladly extend the advertising period.

Removal of Ads: When you require your ad to be removed, please provide the text of your ad to make locating it easier. Preferably, also include the date tag as displayed on the web page [2007-10-13].

Ads in the Club Newsletter: We currently do not have a strong system for linking ads submitted to the newsletter and those submitted to the website. Our current plan is to share this information. Bear in mind, however, that the newsletter is not printed as often as the website is updated. The best plan is to make your wishes known when submitting or simply submit to both media.

Scam Warning: Please take the time to review our warning about fraudulent scams that you should be aware of anytime your offer goods for sale.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the Club assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained herein.

Updated May 23, 2010