David Warner's 1972 1800 ES

January 2005 Calendar Car

Autoplan® Calendar
January, 2005

1972 VOLVO 1800 ES

David Warner's 1972 metallic blue Volvo is immaculate. This stock, two-litre, fuel-injected wagon looks as if it was driven off the showroom floor yesterday. David searched for over a year before he bought the car from a Vancouver, BC, resident. "I checked out eight cars before I found the one I wanted," said David. He purchased the car in 1986 and he quickly employed the help of Iberica Auto Body in Vancouver to help with its restoration. "It underwent a 17-month overhaul." said David. "It needed a new front end, new floorboards, and new wheel wells. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out." When we called David to schedule the photoshoot for the Autoplan Calendar at Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, David was unable to attend. In his place, David sent one of his employees to meet us at the top of the mountain. When he arrived, he hopped out the car and said, "I'm really surprised David trusted me with his car, it's his baby and he's really particular about it." As for David, he told us that he likes the wagon's practical design, he loves driving it, and he enjoys attending local car shows.